Website Launch: Live Board Media

Web Design, Custom Graphics Web Design for an up and coming experiential marketing company. They wanted a super modern design to match their new wave service so we delivered. Adding a layout that shines and some custom designed graphics our clients at Live Board Media couldn’t be happier View Live Board Media’s website here Please follow and like... read more

Website Launch: Ronny Reliable’s

Web re-design focused on ease of contact Ronny asked us to brighten up his website and that’s what we did. We focused on adding multiple quick contact forms to maximize his current CPC campaign instead of leaving his customers searching for a method of contact. View Ronny Reliable’s website here Please follow and like... read more

Website Launch: Costour

Dual Language Website Design Costour is a full service travel agency located in Costa Rica’s Guanacaste Province. The site was designed to easily show off the beauty of their area of operation and to deliver an easy to use experience for clients looking to book and adventure or nature tours. The site was geared towards Costour French Canadian and American prospects View Costour’s website here Please follow and like... read more

Website Launch: Fallen Never Forgotten

Blog Design, Book Cover Design, Mosaic Graphic Header, Payment Gateway RU Airborne Inc came back to us when they were creating their first Self Published book and had a tight budget. They needed a front and back cover design as well as a blog to promote and sell their book upon completion. They wanted the blog (website) to be extremely user friendly and stressed ease of use as their main demographic for this book in particular is generally over 60 years old. The mosaic was to be designed so that potential buyers could easily see what the book contained. Product page and Payment gateway was to be user friendly View the website for Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA here Please follow and like... read more

Website Launch: Beekman Golf

Website Re-design Beekman Golf’s old website was scattered and far behind the times. We designed the new site to be easier to navigate, consolidated pages and gave it a clean and more modern look including dropdown menus with graphics, larger more eye catching photos and a jazzy homepage slider. All content was re-presented from content of their previous site and some styling decisions were made by the Beekman Staff View Beekman Golf’s new re-designed website here Please follow and like... read more

Website Launch: Casa Aude

Trilingual Web Design Casa Aude is a multi million dollar ocean front home located in Costa Rica’s famous Playas del Coco. The Smart Home is fully equipped and is to be entered into the World Architecture Festival in Berlin, Germany. The site was designed to be minimalistic, as to reflect the design of the house and make the home’s features show through without distraction. View Casa Aude’s website here Please follow and like... read more

Thinking about getting a “free” website? Think again…

By now we all have heard of these gimmicky “Free” websites, but as the saying goes if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. WP Beginner recently published a great article outlining a 36 of the ways these free options can end up really costing you in the long run.   Please follow and like... read more

Website Launch: Papagayo Sports

Website Re-Design, Payment Gateway Papagayo Sports was having some serious issues with their previous website. Not only did it clearly need an overhaul, the images even began to not show up due to carelessness of their prior designers. We came in and had to scrap it all, we updated their logo and made the new site big and appealing. We included and payment gateway so that accepting deposits online has become a breeze. Since completion we have received great news that the website help them secure an exclusive contract to be the full service fishing provider for the local Four Seasons Resort. View Papagayo Sports website here Please follow and like... read more

Website Launch: Huss Huss Studios

Web Design Huss Huss Studios completed their first mobile app and needed a website in order for Apple to accept them in the App Store. We came up with a simple HTML5 design that easily can be expanded upon as Huss Huss Studios develops more applications in the future View Huss Huss Studios’ Website Please follow and like... read more

Website Launch: RU Airborne Inc

Website Design, Ecommerce, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing RU Airborne needed to create an online community to promote not only their own line of products but also affiliate products in which they would earn a commision. The blog section and others were set up first, we installed the e-store and then launched their social media campaign that reached over 24k followers in just over 12 months. View RU Airborne’s website here Please follow and like... read more

Tips for Startup Business: What are explainer videos and how can it help me?

Many entrepreneurs have seen them before. You know, that animated video on a website explaining the Company’s products, why to choose them, and how they deliver what you need. But besides the obvious, what most entrepreneurs don’t know are all of the benefits having an explainer video on you’re website can provide.
First of all explainer video’s work great with the search engines, haven’t you noticed that whenever you google something there is usually a thumbnail to a video about the topic right there on the

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Tips for Startup Business: Freshbooks Cloud Accounting Software

So let’s say you’re a startup web design company in Denver, Colorado. You’ve got the ball rolling, have a catchy name, have done your homework on things such as as new logo design trends and now you’re ready to get down to the nitty gritty decisions. One of such; what to do about accounting and invoicing? With all of the other responsibilities a new small business team has, why would you burden yourself with doing this long and strenuous task manually? There are a few choices out there but the one we recommend is Freshbooks Cloud Accounting.

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Tips for Startup Business: Why add a blog for your small business website?

If your small business website is like many others, its content is most likely stale. You need to give your web visitors a reason to continue coming back to your website. But with old and never-changing content, you are not going to keep your clients streaming back. With a blog however, you will be adding fresh content to your site regularly. This not only keeps your blog fresh but also up-to-date. In the end, a blog ensures your business has a strong presence on the internet.

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