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The success of a mobile application greatly depends on the UI/UX design of it. It is safe to say  that a business or brand name is defined by its user interface experience as it is how the user interacts with the app or software and that’s how people will remember it. However, designing intricate user interfaces and laying out a simple yet effective user experience is not such an easy feat. Not to mention the ever changing web design trends and user demands. And that’s where we come in!

What it exactly means:

Although both words; UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience), are used almost identically, there is a distinction.


User Interface:

UI is essentially all the different components like buttons, swipe screens, menus and dropdowns that act as an interface between the user and the application.  It is basically mapping of your app.


User Experience:

UX on the other hand is the intuitive designing that the user will come across. How easy it is for the user to understand and use the application to its full extent is the User Experience! Obviously, the more enjoyable the experience is, the better it is for your business.

No one can deny the utmost importance of an application being User friendly. How do you make your app fully-interactive, high-fidelity and the most user-friendly app out there? Easy. Leave it to us!

The key is to make your app straightforward enough for the user to have no problems using it and at the same time, addictive enough to make the user keep using it. Attractive color schemes, simple design, short yet authentic content, and just a touch of something new…and there you go!

At Startup Magic we have experienced individuals who specialize in coding and developing intuitively mapped out, alluringly designed mobile apps.


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