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Explainer videos have gained popularity over the years because not only are they highly effective in developing a business, they’re pretty affordable too. The amount of time a visitor stays on a website is considered by part of Google’s algorithm for search rankings as well. This means that having explainer videos on your site will be user-friendly and effective in making major gains. Explainer videos are great marketing tools and can help in increasing conversion rates, boosting sales, showcasing your product and much more!

Increase conversion rates

A recent survey by Video Rascal indicates that 85 percent of people online are more likely going to purchase a product after watching an explainer video related to it.

Spark more interest

Social signals such as images and videos are being used by people online every day to generate interest in a product. A study published in The C100 showed that over 70% of people with internet watch videos online.

explainer videos

Prospects love explainer videos

Better Google Search Ranking

Let’s face it, websites with countless pages of text and images aren’t only boring, they also rank low in Google search and gain less exposure. This scares away potential customers as well. On average, a person may take less than a minute to make a decision about purchasing a product – an explainer video would make this even quicker.

Explain your product’s objective

Different people interpret text differently. An explainer video can easily allow a person to understand the importance and usefulness of the product or service you’re offering.

Portray your personality

To turn a customer into a repeat customer, you need to showcase your personality. Allowing a customer to put a face to your name will allow him or her to gain trust in you, especially when the customer will have little to no direct contact with you.

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