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Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding means to market various products or services under the name of a single firm, a single company. You have been hearing about Corporate Branding for years. You have been reading about it. But why is it so special? Why should you leverage Corporate branding over your usual Product branding? The reason corporate brand is so special is that it represents a product as well as an organization explicitly. Marketing different brand assets is expensive, difficult to maintain and quite frankly, just plain confusing! In circumstances like these, corporate branding can be initiated to play the lead role in the brand portfolio. The corporate brand will define the establishment or firm that is providing the product or service to the customer.

Have no doubt though, having a corporate brand does not limit your firm in any way! It isn’t necessary that your brand keeps offering the same kind of products because that’s what you have been promising. Different products can be offered with the same organization standing behind it. This is actually better for your products as the customers already trust and recognize your name and will willingly try out your newer services! Google, Coca cola, Nestle, Apple are some great examples of such corporates.

Some chief benefits of Corporate Branding are as follow:

  • Efficiency with simplicity:

Corporate branding will allow your firm to utilize the same marketing strategy across all you products and services. This is indisputably faster, easier and well, smarter.

  • Economical:

A corporate brand doesn’t have to create new marketing strategies and new brand images for every new product it launches.  This saves a ton of money while being very convenient. Also, corporate branding proposes price-flexibility in general as well.

  • Value:

A well-established corporate brand becomes recognizable by customers and that obviously helps in all future sales.

However, developing and maintaining a corporate brand isn’t an easy feat. You should hire a credible agency (Hint: that’s us!) to deal with all affairs regarding corporate branding and help you get where you need to.


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