Tips for Startup Business: Why add a blog for your small business website?

Tips for Startup Business: Why add a blog for your small business website?

Why add a blog to your website?

No matter what industry that you are a part of, you will find the internet quite a hard place to get noticed because of the stiff competition. But the internet is also where the majority of target audience members spend their time. If you do not have an online presence, or if you lack a clear online marketing strategy, you are most likely missing out on new business opportunity. So why add a blog? One of the best ways to get noticed on the internet is by writing quality content that target audience members can share. The best way of doing this is to incorporate a business blog into your small business website architecture. A small business blog has many benefits, some of which include the following:

1. A blog offers fresh content

If your small business website is like many others, its content is most likely stale. You need to give your web visitors a reason to continue coming back to your website. But with old and never-changing content, you are not going to keep your clients streaming back. With a blog however, you will be adding fresh content to your site regularly. This not only keeps your blog fresh but also up-to-date. In the end, a blog ensures your business has a strong presence on the internet.

2. It shows your credibility

A business blog enables you to showcase your expertise to the whole world. Through it, you can show the world how properly you understand your industry by providing answers to problems that others may have. This positions you as an authority. Put simply, a small business blog serves to establish you as a credible professional in your industry that other people look up to for advice and insights.

3. A blog positions your website as a resource

After you are established as a pro, you immediately become industry resource for other users. You will become a resource even for the media. This positions you as a reliable source of information for not only your company but also the whole field. This can result to coverage in all various media. Also, your blog will be seen as some kind of an archive, with information on issues related to the industry, trends and development.

small-business-blog4. Greater opportunity to rank

Your website’s static content will only rank for so many key phrases. It is possible that there are some keywords that could be relevant to your site that you were not able to target on your main pages. You can target these keywords within blog posts which can eventually rank for the keywords. You need to note that search engines do not rank websites as a whole, but individual pages. By adding a blog to your site, you will be able to increase the pages that your website has and improve the chances of your web page being ranked and clicked onto by potential clients.

5. It builds community

A website is typically a one-way traffic for communication. It basically broadcasts your marketing messages to anyone who visits. However, by incorporating a blog, you are able to invite the visitors to connect with you through the comments section. You are thus able to know what your visitors think of your website.


So why add a blog? There are so many reasons why a small business owner should incorporate a blog onto their websites. Not only does it offer fresh content to web visitors but it also improves the rankings of a website. More crucially, it positions you as the go-to person for matters relating to your industry.

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