Tips for Startup Business: What are explainer videos and how can it help me?

Tips for Startup Business: What are explainer videos and how can it help me?

So what are explainer videos?

Many entrepreneurs have seen explainer videos before. You know, that animated video on a website explaining the Company’s products, why to choose them, and how they deliver what you need. But besides the obvious, what most entrepreneurs don’t know are all of the benefits having explainer videos on your website can provide.

First of all explainer video’s work great with the search engines, haven’t you noticed that whenever you google something there is usually a thumbnail to a video about the topic right there on the front page? Not to mention that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, so once you create your company’s YouTube account and upload your explainer video, just fill in the appropriate tags, and keywords in the description and you should be getting targeted views in no time! Google’s SERP (search engine results page) algorithms also love when a visitor to a site stays on a site for a while. To Google this translates to quality, because if the visitor just came and left it must be because the site was not offering what they claimed. Users generally stay on sites that have explainer videos between two and four minutes longer then those sites that do not. This means higher rankings and more customers. In fact according to one study websites with videos are expected to rank fifty times more often on googles front page.

Explainer videos also build brands trust, they are generally made with a happy go lucky tone, and uplifting music, which builds brand trust. Not to mention the fact that you get to explain your product or service in the way that you want, visually rather then with just static text. Web surfers generally retain 50% more information via video then audio or text alone.

Below is an example of an Explainer Video we created for Startup Magic check it out so you can see the product in action. If you would like more information about Explainer Videos you can click the following link – Explainer Videos

Until next time Startup founders! Good luck to all and to all a good night!

Matthew Ymbras

Startup Magic

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