Tips for Startup Business: Freshbooks Cloud Accounting Software

Tips for Startup Business: Freshbooks Cloud Accounting Software

So let’s say you’re a startup web design company in Denver, Colorado. You’ve got the ball rolling, have a catchy name,  have done your homework on things such as as new logo design trends and now you’re ready to get down to the nitty gritty decisions. One of such; what to do about accounting and invoicing? With all of the other responsibilities a new small business team has, why would you burden yourself with doing this long and strenuous task manually?

There are a few choices out there but the one we recommend is Freshbooks Cloud Accounting. It isn’t exactly accounting software but rather an online resource to handle your finances. Freshbooks makes invoicing easy, with an easy personalization process that makes your invoices look extremely professional with minimal effort. Another great feature is that you can choose to either send e-invoices to your customer’s email account or paper invoices to there office or workplace.

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Ease of use on your end isn’t Freshbooks only advantage, it is also a breeze for your client. Atop the clients e-mail invoice is a large green banner button which is a live link to a payment gateway that allows the customer to make the payment on the spot! You will also be notified if your client has opened the invoice or not, which makes communication errors a thing of the past and auto late payment notices that you can set to send reminders monthly, weekly or however often you would like.

On the accounting side of things, Freshbooks makes number crunching quick and simple. Entering and organizing expenses is a secure process that lets you easily see what you’re spending your earnings on. They also offer easy to understand reports that let you compare your gross and net sales with costs of expenses so completing your business reports will be quick and easy, then just send it over to your accountant. The best part is you can also do all of this right from your phone so if you are on the move you can still accomplish your tasks!

When it comes to invoicing and accounting Freshbooks seems to be the best out there. They also claim award winning customer service which is a major plus if you’ve ever had to deal with poor service (which i think we all have).

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Until next time startups, may your businesses grow and your wallets stay full!

-Matthew Y.

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